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My name is Dan O’Day and I am a digital forensics professional. I am primarily trained in computer and mobile device forensics, but I also assist in audiovisual forensic investigations. I began my technology-Web 2.0 endeavor with a forum (iscers.com) and I have now decided to add a blog. I’m certainly not new to blogging or web design, however. I design and host websites for several clients and non-profit organizations, see O’Day Sites for more about that. I also have several personal blogs, notably prayeramedic.com, a faith-based blog that challenges the status quo of Christianity.

I originally planned to use the same domain as the forum, but I decided to go with a more universally appealing title and domain. Due to its name and branding, iSCERS appeals to a much narrower audience, largely consisting of SCERS graduates (like myself), although it is open to all digital forensics professionals.

The DigiToll Blog is a weblog devoted to a variety of technology-related thoughts, news, and issues. Posts include topics such as information assurance, cyber security, digital forensics, emerging technologies, programming and software development, cyber warfare, intelligence concerns, and the effect of technology on society (hence the DigiToll – “digital toll”). In addition to working in the field of digital forensics, I am also taking coursework in technology and information assurance.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts (please comment on posts, contact me, or follow me on Twitter), as technology is such a vast field and one person cannot possibly learn everything. I will probably be wrong sometimes, but often I am simply expressing my opinion. I encourage you to challenge me to think, learn and grow – and I hope that I do the same for you. To contact me, click on the dynamic contact widget in the left column and fill out the form. Thanks for stopping by!

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