Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Comparison

My brother has been a garage door opener dealer for many years. He says there are many belt drive garage door openers on the market and some of them are considered better than others. He said that if you go through the belt drive garage door opener comparison, you stand a better chance of choosing your best pick, he has a good point. Although garage door openers have been there for many years, a lot of improvements have been done.

Comparison Criteria

Here are a few things you should check when buying a garage door opener.

Mechanism: This refers to whatever drives the door up. Among the types are screw drives, chain drives and belt drives. Belt drives are the best since they don’t produce any noise.
Motor Type: Check the motor type that’s used. A DC motor is considered better because it uses less power than an AC.

Safety Features: Learn the type of safety features the garage door openers offer. Those with automatic reverse safety features help to minimize the occurrence of accidents. You should go for a belt drive garage door that combines the best features at the lowest cost possible.
Here is the best belt drive garage door opener comparison
Here are some of the best rated belt garage door openers.

Chamberlain Whisper Drive WD822KD: This is one of the best belts driven openers available in the market. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages which it offers.

Because it’s driven by a belt, its noise level is at the bare minimum. The belt comes with a 10-year warranty while the motor has a lifetime warranty. Its security features are the best and includes a rolling code which can help to prevent theft.

Cons: The price is a tad higher than many related models. At $250, it is considered expensive by many people.

3280 HP: This is another excellent option that offers smooth and quiet operation. It’s also known for its exceptional reliability. It uses a motor with patented vibration isolation system thus assisting in minimizing the occurrence of vibration.

Belt driven garage door openers offered by brands like the liftmaster are usually the ones that are quiet. For more info, you can look up customer reviews online to compare better the garage door opener products.

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