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Dog Grooming Tips: Bathing Your Dog

Bathing your dogs is very important as it will keep them clean and fragrant. In addition to that, it will keep your dogs free from parasites like ticks and fleas. Remember that tick and flea infestations could cause a lot of health problems for your dogs. Indeed, bathing time for dogs is very important but the big problem is that dogs really do not like baths. So if you are someone who is having difficulty in giving your dogs baths, here are some tips from

First of all, always remember not to treat bathing time as something that is scary. Whenever you bath your dog, do it unexpectedly as if it is just a normal thing. For example, if your dog is just sitting or walking around, put it on leash and bring out the hose. Remember not to say anything or give your dog affection as it would cause it to feel a lot more scared. Just do your job and whenever your dog gets restless, stop and wait for it to calm down. It is also best if you use warm water at first as dogs would like that. So now that you know some bathing tips from, you will be a lot more successful when you bathe your dogs.

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Home Remedies: Curing Mange In Dogs

Mange is a kind of disease that is caused by mange mites. These are tiny microscopic parasites that embed under the skin or hair follicles of dogs. This is a very contagious disease and is easily passed on from one dog to another. For all those dog owners out there, it is a must that we protect our dogs from this disease. But there are times when our dogs get in contact with other infected dogs or they just acquire the disease with no apparent reason. So here is one simple home remedy from on how to treat mange.

This remedy is a borax and hydrogen peroxide solution. What you need to do is to dissolve two tablespoons of borax in a 500 cc 1% hydrogen peroxide. Just use the same measurements if you want to make more of the solution. Bathe the dog in this solution once a week and leave the solution on the dogs skin until it dries up. This will help kill the mange mites that live under the dogs skin. But remember not to use the method for more than two months as it is bad for the dogs health. So try to follow these tips from and you will be able to cure your dog in no time.

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Is your goldfish feeling sick?

Goldfish are usually easy to take care of, but sometimes environmental changes or inadequate conditions may lead to your fish being unhealthy. Heres a list with 5 most common diseases or infestations that occur on goldfish.
1.Costia is a parasite that affects your fishs gills, making it harder for it to breathe. If your goldfish is gasping for air at the water surface, has web-like lesions and a slimy patch on his head and gills, this parasite is probably affecting it. When you decided to click here, you probably wanted a treatment, so the best action is to add 0.3% salt solution in the water of the tank.
2.Cotton mouth is a bacterial infection which looks like white threads coming out of the goldfishs mouth. Fish with this symptom must be quarantined and treated with medicated food.
3.If your fish has white spots all over its body and rubs himself against the ornaments in the tank that means that he has the Ich. A saline solution is or proper medication is recommended.
4.If your fish is swollen and pale, he might have Dropsy. This is a viral infection which is very difficult to treat. Saline, combined with medicated food and high temperature in the tank will help fight it.
5.If your fish is scratching a lot and has white or yellow spots on its coat, its probably suffering from Velvet. Saline wont help in this situation, so you should buy medicine containing Formalin.

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