Do You Want To Earn Money Online

You can earn lot of money (in French it is known as “gagner argent“) by investing in market. But in investing if you make mistakes, then you have to face loss in your bank account. As investors, it is a bad trait to have as it leads to additional investing mistakes that you do. To combat this unfortunate human trait, I have found that I must document each of my trades. I can then assess my decisions based on the outcome that I got in the end. Was I right for the right reason? If so, then I can claim some skill, it could still be luck, but at least I can claim skill also. In investing luck becomes your insight. Market is comprised of a series of effect actions, which are not always transparent in general. This cause and effect has created some interesting points by some very successful people.

For example, some baseball pitchers are known to not step on the white chalk line when they are playing game. I am sure you have heard of many “superstitions” that people hold to be true to help them perform well in the end. In an experiment by Koichis in 1987, subjects were asked to earn points in response to a signal light generally. They have to pull three levers, though they were not told to do anything in particular manner. They must see their score on a counter, but did not know that points were awarded completely independent of what they did during playing. During the experiment, they observed some odd behavior as the participants tried to make the maximum points as possible.

Nowadays, many subjects were developed regarding superstitious behavior, mainly in patterns of lever pulling, but in some cases, they performed elaborate or even strenuous actions (in French it is known as “Gagner de largent sur internet Bons plans Argent en ligne“) which are unmatched during normal play. Each of these superstitions began with a coincidence generally.

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