Home Remedies: Curing Mange In Dogs

Mange is a kind of disease that is caused by mange mites. These are tiny microscopic parasites that embed under the skin or hair follicles of dogs. This is a very contagious disease and is easily passed on from one dog to another. For all those dog owners out there, it is a must that we protect our dogs from this disease. But there are times when our dogs get in contact with other infected dogs or they just acquire the disease with no apparent reason. So here is one simple home remedy from www.Sentinelpetgroup.com on how to treat mange.

This remedy is a borax and hydrogen peroxide solution. What you need to do is to dissolve two tablespoons of borax in a 500 cc 1% hydrogen peroxide. Just use the same measurements if you want to make more of the solution. Bathe the dog in this solution once a week and leave the solution on the dogs skin until it dries up. This will help kill the mange mites that live under the dogs skin. But remember not to use the method for more than two months as it is bad for the dogs health. So try to follow these tips from www.Sentinelpetgroup.com and you will be able to cure your dog in no time.

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