How To Transfer And Store Files Easily

Transferring and backing up files have always been a clumsy task. The most obvious solution is to make use of a local drive to back up all the data. The problem with this method is that the hard drive is seldom portable.

Another solution would be to upload all the files to an online server. A server is accessible 24 hours a day. But you will have to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload your files. The process is clumsy. Also, not everyone likes to get involved with FTP.

The closest alternative would be to make use of some kind of online application to store your files. But you need to make sure that the application you are using is secure, reliable and easy to use. You can share large files via filestofriends, etc. There are numerous aspects that you need to consider while accessing a file transfer application. One of the important concerns is security. Numerous web based applications are vulnerable. This is because coding can be easily viewed by anyone. Someone who is expert in the programming language would be able to spot bugs in the coding and they may try to make malicious attempts to hack the website. To overcome this issue, some websites decide to release their applications on the Java platform. The coding for such software cannot be viewed easily as the program is complied.

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