Invitations A Thing Of The Past, Pinterest Opens Up To Users Everywhere

In the quickly expanding realm of the social web, the once virgin landscape has become cluttered, difficult to recognize and comprehend. Determining which sites are worthwhile, which ones are the most secure to hold your life’s data and creative concepts without the worry and headache of someone you don’t know intercepting your personal info. Some sites are taking steps to stand above the noise in an attempt to make a growing Social Media site even better.

With new websites starting up daily providing a fresh and flexible way to connect with friends and family and share data, has been slowly and steadily gaining new users on its journey toward becoming a heavy hitter in the social sphere. By providing a wide variety of recipes, drink concoctions, wedding photos and everything else you may think of to “pin”, Pinterest has been creating a strong hold for themselves over the last two years with only one potential issue, and it was by invite only. For more about this, click over to to discover more about it on their website.

Pinterest, seeking to grow and rocket the company to the next level, has opened the invitations to the public. Up until now Pinterest has been an invitation only system, but within the past few weeks they have stated that the beta phase is over and space has been expanded to handle all who want to start pinning. As of the first quarter Pinterest hit 10 million unique monthly visitors, with early reports showing an overwhelming women user base as high as 97%, a figure that may likely start to balance out with the new policy. Recent figures state that Pinterest peaked at 107 million visits a month to put them right behind Twitter and Facebook on the list of most visited Social Media sites. The next few months look bright for the company, yet only time will tell if the company can keep on rising above the ever expanding pack. To discover more about the Huffington Post report, go to their site.

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