Is The EGO T As Safe As I Think It Is?

I am sick of my friends complaining to me about my smoking. I know that it is a nasty and expensive habit. Even though I do not smoke around them, they tell me that I smell like a smoker. They never want to ride in my car because they complain that it smells like smoke and they dont want their clothes and hair to smell when they leave my car. They get frustrated when we go out for dinner or drinks because of my constant need to go outside and have a cigarette.

I have decided to try the ego t but I am want to make sure that it is a truly safe alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. If I am going to go through all the work I think it will take to make myself stop smoking, I do not want to replace it with another habit that is only slightly better for me. It seems to me like even if I decide to go ahead and use the optional nicotine that I would not be inhaling all the toxins and carcinogens that I know are in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

So yes, it does appear like it is a safer and a much better option.

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