People Struggle With Jumping Into The SmartHome

Most of us have seen television commercials or heard radio spots lately for several Smart House technologies. Apparently everything from adjusting your thermostat up or down to unlocking your house remotely is currently available as an app on your Android. Various Companies are pushing their applications to home owners in masses. Comcast came out with The Xfinity Application; Lowe’s has their Iris System, Verizon, Time Warner and AT&T have all developed systems entering the marketplace later this year. However the question truly is do Americans want it? Other fans have found going as a good resource.

While the convenience of watching your power consumption and lowering your expenses is attractive, several people are concerned about having their everyday lifestyle actions monitored and sent out over the Web. With hackers and organizations like Anonymous altering even the most secure software systems, would the time come when we are imprisoned in our homes with the A/C off, because of a hacker? To discover more on the Myrtle Beach Online report, go to their site.

Now the question is how much technology is too much? It seems that our daily lives are overpowered by wireless technology. Just about everywhere you go you will see people bending their necks downward to look at their iPhones or tablets. Some of us are already used to setting our satellite programming with an application. Even more of us are getting the vast majority of our media and educational needs from these technologies on an hourly basis.

If history is any quantifier, people will quickly warm to the idea, giving up more and more of their privacy for convenience and cost savings. The day could soon come where we hardly need to be in our home to run our home. Tasks like mopping are commonly delegated to automated bots and very soon we can expect to order fresh groceries through our Smart Phones and get them sent to our front door. As more and more of these technologies catch on, eventually people will have the luxury to free up more of their time for recreational and artistic pursuits, bringing mankind into a new Golden Age.

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