Tackle The Weight Gain After Menopause

For all those women who have reached the menopausal age, weight gain is one factor that can cause some psychological problems. However hard they may try, losing weight becomes almost impossible. In situations where monitoring your calorie intake, exercising and even maintaining a food journal bring no results, it is time you visited your nutritionist or physician.

You may be working hard towards your goal, but you need to do just a little more to achieve results. You need to look at your dinner plate a bit differently. Take a plate which is a little smaller in dimensions and your portions automatically reduce. Eat more portions of protein, vegetables and lots of fruits; also include grains but they can be a little less in comparison to the earlier three food items. You can get some creative ideas from Nutrisystem.com, a website devoted to nutritious meal plans which are ready to eat and delivered at your doorstep.

The essential point is to chew more while eating so that it helps in digestion and also reduces the overall intake. The breakfast should not be prolonged for a long time after you wake up, instead it should be ingested within one hour of your waking. It should contain more of protein and total calorie intake should be 300 or so. As for exercise, do as many activities as you can, the intention being keeping you up and about and preventing you from turning into a couch potato. Nutrisystem diet foods are gluten free; visit The sweet deals for further information.

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