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Tackling the Famous Myths about Alcoholism

When you meet an alcoholic person, no matter how much you try and convince him about the ill-effects of alcoholism he may show no sign of stopping his addiction. Here are some well-known myths that you may hear from every other alcoholic and also learn the ways to tackle them:

Myth #1: I can stop drinking whenever I wish to do it.
You may feel this way but the fact is you wont be able to change your habit. It is only an excuse and a way of justifying yourself that you has the self-control to control or stop your habit.

Myth #2: If I drink alcohol, it is my issue. I am the one who suffers, so nobody can tell me stop it.
You are partly correct because the habit of leaving alcohol addiction solely depends on your decision. It is wrong to think that except you no one else is affected because of your alcohol addiction. In fact, people who are close to you such as your family members or friends are the ones are affected the most.

Myth #3: I do not have a habit of drinking alcohol as I dont drink it consistently or every day. Hence, I am not an alcoholic.
No matter what kind of alcohol you drink, how often you drink and how much you gulp down the throat, you are considered as an alcoholic when youre drinking habits affects your health or the lives of the other people who stay with you.

Myth #4: Even though I am drinking I am in good condition and regular to my work.
At present, you may feel that you have mastered the art of drinking alcohol and you are able to carry out your daily routine. However, whenever you are consuming alcohol, you are affecting your body internally, the result of which will be understood when you contract any alcoholic disease.

Myth # 5: Alcohol addiction is not as bad as like drug addiction.
First of all, you need to know that alcohol is also a drug like any other drug that causes drug addiction. Addiction to alcohol causes mental imbalance and behavioral changes. It affects your family, health, career, etc. Drug addicts undergo withdrawal symptoms when they stop their addiction. Similarly, alcoholics also experience withdrawal symptoms when they are asked to stop drinking.

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