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Serengeti Park Travelling Ideas And Suggestions

An East African tour can be based in Tanzania. This country is blessed with several large and small parks in the north and south. It is always easy to travel north or south of the country when a tour operator is involved. With a tour operator, a customer does not have to worry about how to get in Serengeti National Park or any other interesting wildlife home. The travel agency will normally be in control of everything as long as a tourist pays their fees. Getting in the country so as to move to Serengeti is mainly via Kilimanjaro International Airport. This airport is near Arusha Town which is quite a long distance from Serengeti.

It is also the only airline that flies directly into Arusha from Europes major airports like Amsterdam. Access by road can also be arranged from Arusha. Before arriving at Serengeti, tourists pass through Lake Manyara, Olduvai Gorge and Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area. All these are tourist attractions in the northern circuit. The drive covers three hundred and twenty-five kilometers and can therefore take around eight hours. Many tour operators stop over other parks mentioned above to help tourists rest and enjoy their long safari.

Refueling and car repair services in Serengeti surroundings can be found at either Seronera or Lobo. Do not bother looking for breakdown facilities here. They are unavailable. If you plan to use a rental car, during your trip, ensure that it is in a perfect condition. Four by four land cruiser or Range Rover jeeps can do well during any season of the year. Some tourists who intend to arrive at Serengeti Park shortly can board a plane. There are small aircrafts that fly from Arusha to Seronera Airstrip. This area is in the core of the reserve. Other planes land in Kirawira Airstrip found in the Western border. A trip by plane is certainly very quick.

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