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How To Get Leave From School

It is not a good practice to take leave from school for reasons other than sickness. Sickness of course warrants leave to stop the spread of infection among the students and also ensure that the kid has time to recuperate. But there is an increasing use of sick notes for no medical purposes. Students are found making use of doctors note for school to skip school. In some cases, parents make use of these notes as they are unable to drop the kids at school or they are traveling. Hence the kids too accompany them and have to be absent from school.

Older kids need to satisfy minimum attendance norms to enable them to sit for their examinations. They will be penalized if they are found to have a shortfall in attendance. They can then make use of doctor notes to escape any disciplinary action. Most kids are multi faceted personalities. They excel in studies as well as extra – curricular activities. Participation in any sporting encounters entails their absence from school. They can make use of doctor notes to take leave from school. While students have the facility of making use of these notes, they need to be monitored to ensure that the notes are not being misused by students to skip school on a regular basis with intent to deceive the teachers and parents.

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