The Periodontal Disease Can Cause Sensitive Teeth

There are some people who, despite taking good care of their teeth and gums, still fall victim to the plight of sensitive teeth. According to, if you develop the periodontal disease where the gums recede from the teeth, you can expect to develop very sensitive teeth. So why exactly is this the case?

Our tooths anatomy includes what we call as roots on its very base. These roots are basically made up of a huge amount of small tubes which follows a straight path to our teeths main nerve center. These roots are protected by the gum tissues that cover it since they are usually located underneath it. If you are suffering from the periodontal disease where the gums recede, the protective covering of gum tissues disappear. When this happens, the very sensitive roots of our teeth then get exposed and become vulnerable to just about everything that it gets into contact with. This is then the start of ones suffering from extremely sensitive teeth. The best course of action to take in this case is to visit ones dentist for analysis on your teeth and gums current condition and known the appropriate set of treatment that needs to be taken.

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