What Are Indie Games?

As you browse on the list of PlayStation games, you may come across the term; independend video games and wonder what this means? Well this simply refers to independent video games that were made without the existence of any video publisher. There came into existence through the efforts of small teams of individuals which were not funded by any publishers financial support. They employ digital distribution and financial support. Examples of indie games that became famous among gamers are World of Goo, Braid and Minecraft. It is very surprising to know that these types of games are also very promising when it comes to profitability in the video games industry.

For those who are planning to invest for this project, you need to know that Sony is on your side, In fact, this company made it sure that you will reap the rewards of your effort by ensuring that these types of video games have better visibility in their online stores. In case you still dont know what an online store is, it is a site on the internet that is in charge in the distribution of video game selections. It will have the best exposure together with the latest PS Vita and PS3 products. Aside from that, the site will also have the opportunity to have the most beneficial promotion. Hence, your indie games will have greater chances of being sold in the market. The best part is that gamers have chance to run through the list of available Indie games without wading through AAA releases.

However, if you are among the producers of Indie games, you need to know that there is no short cut to success. You need to pay the price of your reward. Remember that there are a lot of people whom you share the same track. Hence, you have to see to it that your video game has a distinct and interesting concept to make it sellable in the market.

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